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How Can Personal Care Providers Ensure Patient Safety?


Patients have diverse needs. It varies according to their medical conditions and their severity. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that some of them have greater needs than others. Some of them even end up requiring in-home care services in Missouri. It enables them to recuperate in the comfort of their abodes. Therefore, it’s beneficial for their well-being. Nevertheless, having a care plan is beyond necessary for patients.

Mobility-impaired patients deal with greater challenges than others. Their limited physical functions make it challenging for them to do activities of daily living. What seems so easy for others to do can already be daunting for them. That is why it is not ideal for them to be left. Receiving consumer directed services is advantageous for them. It’s important to remember that their frail condition leaves them at greater risk for accidents and health complications.

For their safety, physically challenged individuals must have a companion who can look after and take care of them. Ideally, they should get assistance in daily routines such as personal hygiene. Their loved ones and health professionals are the best people for the job.

If you ever have to assist someone else with personal care, here are some protocols that you should observe:

  • Prepare clothing for a cover-up.
  • Use high-quality continence care supplies.
  • Make sure that the bathroom floor is not slippery.
  • Check the water temperature beforehand.
  • Let the patient be independent as much as possible.

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