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Disease Prevention Tips for Older Adults

disease-prevention-tips-for-older-adultsProper disease prevention is essential to ensure continuing good health at home, especially for families living with seniors. Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, disease prevention practices also helped reduce the risk of infection at home for seniors. We offer consumer directed services to help seniors with their daily living activities and more, and here are some disease prevention tips seniors can practice at home:

  • Practice Regular Hand Washing

    Throughout the day, we can come into contact with numerous germs, increasing the risk of infection from diseases like COVID-19. Regular hand washing is a great personal care habit that can prevent infections by keeping hands clean, especially for those who frequently touch their faces.

  • Get Enough Sleep Every Day

    One common cause of weak immunity is poor sleeping habits. The immune system becomes weak because a lack of sleep can cause stress and strain on the body. Getting enough sleep helps ensure that your immune system stays strong enough to fight off infections.

  • Get a Checkup Regularly

    Experts recommend that senior citizens visit their doctor at least once a year. A yearly checkup helps keep families updated on the health of their elderly loved ones so that they can make smarter health choices, reducing the risk of infections and chronic conditions. Caregivers can also help your elderly loved ones get to medical appointments regularly.

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