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In Home Care vs Nursing Home

  • The home caregiver will give a participant  the one-on-one attention they need. In in nursing homes, the seniors outnumber the caregivers. So they may have to “wait for their turn” for the attention of the aides.
  •  Seniors feel more comfortable staying at home than moving to a nursing home. A nursing simply doesn’t feel “right”, no matter how homey the health aides there try to decorate the place. There’s simply no substitute for the comfort of a favorite couch or the view from a favorite corner of the house. Besides, relocating can be very stressful. With in-house care, seniors  retain the familiar comforts.
  • Seniors who stay at home tend to live longer than those who live in nursing homes, and studies have confirmed this fact. In addition, those who stay at home tend to be physically and mentally healthier compared to the residents of nursing homes.
  • Home health aides can also customize their services and attention to the needs of the individual. So they can tailor what they can do. This is in stark contrast to the generic “one size fits all” approach that most caregivers offer in nursing homes. With home care, you’re aware of the fact that not all seniors need the same kind of attention and care.
  • With a home caregiver, seniors can also enjoy the freedom and independence that they’re unwilling to give up. In nursing homes, this may not be possible. Many nursing homes have restrictive rules. And you may even have to visit your loved ones  only at certain times. At your parents’ home, you can drop by at any time you want. Under the CDS program seniors  can be driven by their caregivers to the stores or to the homes of their friends.
  • At home, seniors  enjoy meals that they actually like. Nursing homes may prepare food for large numbers of people, and in some days the food may not be ones  liking.

in-home care may be the best choice for our loved ones .

Harmony Care in home and Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a family owned, trusted home  care agency and offers customized  senior in-home care services including home care assistance, personal care, companion care, respite care, Alzheimer’s & dementia care as well as homemaker services in St Louis county, Jefferson County, St Charles and St Louis city.

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