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What You Can Get from Home Care Assistance


Are you still undecided about whether to get in-home care services in Missouri or not for yourself or a loved one? Let us discuss how it can benefit you. We offer services with the goal of providing quality care and assistance to improve lives.

Agencies providing home care in St. Louis, Missouri may offer a lot of things to you, including the following:

  • Health assistance

    A caregiver can help manage one’s health through care plan development, medication reminders and administration, wound care, and prevention and healing from injuries or diseases.

  • Errands and grocery shopping

    Home care aides are ready to help with housekeeping and household chores like laundry, food preparation, and dishwashing. These are things that older adults or physically incapable persons cannot do by themselves.

  • Transfers and transportation

    Some agencies offer bedbound client assistance and also transportation services. These can bring convenience to many senior patients with immobility concerns. With home care, they can still go out and attend medical and non-medical appointments. They will also remain safe when getting in and out of bed or transferring from one place to another.

We also offer companionship services. The feeling of isolation or loneliness can be detrimental to patients’ health. A companion can offer good company, friendly conversations, and a meaningful connection. Their cognitive functions can be stimulated by the activities they can do with their companions. And these are beneficial to their mental health.

With Consumer Directed Services, seniors can guarantee patient-centered care that fits their needs. Call Harmony Care LLC now at 314-531-0095 to know what else we can do for you and help you decide.

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