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Assisting Senior Loved Ones with Grocery Shopping


Grocery shopping is an essential part of a senior’s routine. However, not all seniors can shop independently due to mobility issues and other health conditions. So, how can you help them? Check out this checklist below.

  • Create a list

    Keeping a list of groceries to buy is an effective way to ensure seniors get all the essentials. If seniors need help with grocery shopping, a personal care professional can assist with this task and more! They can also help with meal preparation, medication management, and other essential household chores.

  • Shop at a familiar store

    When seniors are familiar with the grocery store, it will be easier to find what they need! They can locate the meat or vegetable section quickly if they have been to the same place more than once. When they need assistance, a care professional providing in-home care services in Missouri can accompany them to the store and ensure they remain safe while shopping for goods!

  • Choose the time wisely

    When is the right time to go grocery shopping? Going to buy essentials during rush hour may not be ideal! When you need anything urgently during rush hour, a companion offering home care in St. Louis, Missouri, can go on the senior’s behalf. Otherwise, do grocery shopping in the morning when most people are at work or school.

Harmony Care LLC is your trusted provider of high-quality home care services. We will help your loved ones maneuver the daily challenges of grocery shopping at the convenience of your home. We offer consumer directed services with the help of our team of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), certified nurse assistants/Aides (CNA), and home health care aides. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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