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Caring for Alzheimer’s patient

Harmony Care Caregivers coming into the home recognize that because of the onset of Alzheimer’s, activities of daily living are not as easy for their clients.

In order to create a safe living space, there are some precautions that in-home care caregivers take around the home to protect their clients from any foreseeable accidents.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Make sure the living area is well lit. To reduce confusion or accidents, clients living with Alzheimer’s should be able to clearly see where they are and where they’re going, even if it’s just a few steps away. Keeping the living space bright will help to reduce any injuries that could come from falls or other mishaps.

Add padding to sharp corners on furniture. We all know it’s too easy to round a corner too quickly, run into furniture, or stub your toe on the coffee table. With Alzheimer’s clients occasionally having fragile skin, the padding on sharp corners can help to prevent any tearing of the skin or other harmful injuries.

Keep doors and windows leading to the outside locked. Occasionally, people living with Alzheimer’s will wander off due to the urge to find something familiar (I.e., their previous place of work or where they grew up). It’s important to keep any entrances or exits to the home secured.

Don’t leave any chemicals within reach. It’s not uncommon for someone living with Alzheimer’s to mistake chemicals (like cleaning products) for drinking liquid. To avoid the consumption of potentially toxic or harmful substances, keep these products out of sight.

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