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How to Apply for Missouri Medicaid

Missouri seniors can apply for MO HealthNet online at myDSS. Alternatively, an application can be downloaded here. For assistance with the application process, call the MO Department of Social Services Family Support Division at 1-855-373-4636. Persons can also contact their local Family Support Office to request additional program information or for help with applying for benefits. Click here and then scroll down to “Find an Office”.

MO HealthNet applicants should be confident that they meet all the eligibility criteria (listed above on this page) prior to submitting a completed application. If there is any uncertainty as to whether income and asset limits are met, or if one is over the limits, Medicaid planning can make the difference between approval and denial of benefits. The Medicaid application process can be confusing and should be taken seriously. For more information about Medicaid’s long-term care application process, click here.

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