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Personal Care

Basic Personal Care is for clients with stable but chronic conditions that don’t require devices and procedures related to altered body functions.

The following activities, if approved by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services through the Medicaid program, constitute basic personal care services:

  1. Assistance with dietary needs, including meal preparation and cleanup, and assistance with eating/feeding;
  2. Assisting with dressing and grooming, including helping with dressing and undressing, combing hair, and nail care;
  3. Assisting with bathing and personal hygiene, including assisting with bathing, shampooing hair, oral hygiene and denture care, and shaving;
  4. Assisting with toileting and continence, including assisting in going to the bathroom, and changing bed linen. This category may also include the changing of beds for persons with medically related limitations that prohibit the completion of this task;
  5. Assisting with mobility and transfer, including assisting with transfer and ambulation when recipient can at least partially bear own weight and
  6. Assisting with medication, including assisting with the self-administration of medicine, applying nonprescription topical ointments or lotions.

For more information about Personal Care, please call 314-531-0095. Our staff at Harmony Care LLC are courteous and friendly. We are always ready to assist you with your questions about personalized health care and how to acquire them in your home for yourself or a family member.

Our nurses can also conduct an assessment free of charge and will refer you to MO HealthNet (Medicaid) and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.